Undated photograph of Holocaust survivor Bronia Szapiro.
A contemporary black & white photograph of the village of Gorzkow, Poland. Photo by the author.
Undated studio portrait of my grandmother, taken after she emigrated from Europe.
Photograph of an unidentified female resistance fighter, ca. 1944–1945. The photograph was found among my grandmother’s possessions after her death.
Postcard photograph of the S.S. Samaria, upon which my grandmother, grandfather and mother sailed from Germany to Canada. Date unknown.
My grandmother and grandfather (center) during their first visit to Israel in the 1970s. The woman on the left is my grandfather’s sister, who survived the Holocaust with him and emigrated to Israel after the war.
My grandmother, my mother, and my oldest sister, ca. 1977–1978.



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Jason Steinhauer

Jason Steinhauer


Writing a book about history on the Internet. Host of the History Club on Clubhouse.